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Wet Dust Collection For Air Cleaning

Posted by Admin on February, 07, 2012

Wet Dust Collector has become the demand of different industries because of its ability of collecting wet dust with perfection. Dust Collector Exporters From India offer them in different designs their applications at different places. The choice of Dust Collector For Air Cleaning depends upon its price, cost of operation, maintenance, the material of which it is made and also the space occupied by it.

The buyers of Wet Dust Collector need to know in detail about the competence of the equipment in handling high temperature and collecting gases laden with moisture. Wet Dust Collectors have the advantage over other types of Dust Collector is that there is no tension of the disposal of the collected dust, as the wet dust can be easily removed. While using Wet Dust Collector, the operators need to take care of certain facts like use of water for wetting the dust increases the chance of corrosion inside. Also, when used in areas with very cold climate, there is a chance of water getting freezed inside and disrupting its functioning.

Different Types Of Wet Dust Collector
There are many types of Wet Dust Collector available in the market for the buyers to choose from. Some of the common types of Industrial Wet Dust collectors are:

  • Chamber or spray tower: In this type of collector, there is a round or rectangular chamber for storing the tower. The water is instilled in the chamber using spray nozzles. The dust particles get deposited on the liquid droplets created with the help of air nozzle. By making use of the centrifugal force, the droplets are separated from the air stream.
  • Wet Centrifugal Collector: With the help of the centrifugal force, the dust particles are accelerated towards the Wet Dust Collector’s surface.
  • Packed Towers: Packed Towers are like contact beds through which the air flows either concurrently or counter-concurrently.
  • Orifice Type Collectors: The air flowing through this type of collector comes in contact with the water sheet present in the restricted passage.

While choosing the type of Wet Dust Collector, the buyers need to consider certain factors like the degree of collection required, size and nature of the contaminant, and also the air stream characteristics.

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