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Unique Concrete Mixers Brief Introduction

Posted by Admin on February, 07, 2012

During archaic days, the labor used to blend together cement, water and gravel with a spade. It was very time consuming and required a lot of manual efforts. Therefore, as we know “necessity is the mother of all inventions,” the need to work efficiently and with so many time constraints led to the invention of the Concrete Mixer. Nowadays, world is expanding with a tremendous pace; work load has increased and expectations have become high. Industries demand precision in the Concrete Mixture to construct buildings, and also within a limited time frame, thus requirement to develop excellent and fast Concrete Mixer became very compelling.

An In-Depth Review Of Concrete Mixers…
The Concrete Mixer, also called as Cement Mixer, was invented by industrialist Gebhardt Jaeger. It is a machine which homogeneously grinds together sand, water, cement and water into minute granules to form concrete. This concrete is used as a raw material to construct buildings. A typical Concrete Mixer consists of revolving drum that amalgamates the components, which in turn provides the labor sufficient time to make use of this concrete before it hardens and remains hardly suitable for use. With this, there are many more improvements in the mixing techniques and technologies for production of concrete.

There are different kinds of Concrete Mixers specified as per the need of the industry. Few are known for high intensity and less blending time. Others are used specifically for colored concrete and for small batches. These types of Concrete Mixers have multiple discharge points. Other than this, a Drum Mixer is used where there is a need of bulk production of concrete. It works best where overall cost of production is of paramount importance. Along with this, Drum Mixer is an answer to high production needs with fast speed.

There are many Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters that offer a wide range of Road Construction Equipment which is innovative and performance-oriented. Aside from providing Concrete Mixers, they deal in Wet Mix Plant, Mineral Filler Unit, Mobile Concrete Batching Plant, Aggregates Dryer, Mechanical Broom and other Road Construction Machines.

Therefore, before making a purchase of a Road Construction Machinery, raw material is one of the valid considerations to be kept in mind. Besides, number of bins, storage capacity and driving motor are few specifications to take into notice.

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