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Road Construction Machinery: Types And Uses

Posted by Admin on May, 26, 2014

Road construction is an important part of the construction industry. An improperly designed or built road can be a recipe for disaster, if it develops premature cracks and potholes. Thus, the importance of cutting edge Road Construction Machines cannot be denied at all. Did you know that Machinery used in the construction and paving of roads is not the same as those used in building construction?

Different Types Of Road Construction Machinery

  • Dump Trucks: Dump Trucks are among the most valuable of all equipment in road construction job. Not only does a dump truck remove bits of old asphalt, extra dirt and debris, but it also helps in assimilating different materials useful for road construction.
  • Front End Loader: These machines are known as the workhorse on a construction site. They perform a variety of different tasks. They not only load debris, haul smaller loads around the construction area, but also at times, pick up machinery that is too heavy to lift. In addition to this, Front End Loaders also scrape away the old roadway for building a smooth foundation.
  • Pavers: Designed using state-of-the-art components, Pavers can be used in the construction of projects ranging from urban, rural roads to airports and motorways. Pavers comprise of an engine, a driver, a splitter gear and an operator console panel. They are not only useful in pushing down and compressing the road, but also the layer of dirt to apply even asphalt.

In addition to these, there are other types of Road Construction Machines that are needed for building a road, such as a roller, grader, etc. Thus, depending on the type of road, where it is located and size of the project, right combination of machines can be utilized.

Based in Gujarat, Shitla Road Equipments is a prominent Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Road Construction Machinery. The offerings of the company include Asphalt Drum Mix Plant, , Asphalt Batch Mix plant, Asphalt Mechanical Paver Finisher, Wet Mix Macadam Plant, Asphalt Boiler, Bitumen Pressure Distributor, Wet Dust Collector, Mechanical Broom, Mineral Filler Unit, Aggregates Dryer, Mobile Concrete Batching Plant, Asphalt Storage Tank and Bitumen Sprayer etc. To know more about the product range, please feel free to visit

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