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Road Construction Machinery: Types And Components

Posted by Admin on July, 22, 2014

Road Construction Machinery plays an important a detrimental role in the construction of roads and the in the safety of the people commuting by means of them. With the ever ever-increasing traffic and exponentially increasing vehicular load , high efficiency on the part of these machines becomes the need of the hour and plays a pivotal role in the timely and efficient construction of roads. With millions of cars being added each year to the roads, there remains a great responsibility on these machines to ensure that the roads are constructed with precision as even the smallest mistake can pose a danger to the lives of thousands of commuters and can cause a great loss of life and money

Lets analyse the various Road Construction Machines and the roles played by them in the construction of roads. The major road construction equipments can be divided in four major categories which are -

  • Pneumatic Tools
  • Rock Crushers, Asphalt and Concrete Equipment
  • Earth Moving and Compaction
  • Ancillary Equipment
  • Here is a brief look into these categories of road construction machines for better understanding of their function and use

Air Compressor and Pneumatic Tools

Air Compressor- Air compressor is a machine used for compressing air from the initial pressure to a higher exhaust pressure through reduction in volume. It provides the air with the energy to drive pneumatic tools and other pneumatic equipments to perform specific jobs.

Pneumatic Tools- There are various pneumatic tools such as Paving Breaker, Nail Driver, Circular Saw, Chain Saw, Sump Pump, Backfill Tamper etc. There are several advantages of using Pneumatic Tools . They are easy to maintain and operate. They can be used easily in various climatic conditions , are durable, safe and are not damaged even if overloaded.

Asphalt and Concrete Equipment

Asphalt Equipment- Asphalt Equipment consists of Central Mix Plants which is an assembly of specialized equipment, which produces paving mixtures of aggregate and bituminous material, Portable mix plant, Aggregate speader, rotatory sweeper, asphalt distributor and Asphalt Pavers.

Concrete Equipment- Concrete Equipment consists of Aggregate Batching Plant and Concrete Mixer.

Earth Moving Equipment

Earth Moving Equipment consists of equipment like Bull Dozers, Loaders/Shovels, Excavator, Scrapers, Graders and Hauling Equipment

Compaction Equipment

Compactors can be grouped into the following types-

  • Sheep foot
  • Grid or Mesh
  • Vibratory
  • Smooth Steel Drum
  • Multi tyred Pneumatic
  • Heavy Pneumatic
  • Vibratory Tamporing
  • High Speed Tamping foot
  • Towed Tamping Foot

Ancillary Equipment

Some examples of ancillary equipment are pressure distributers, broomers, curb casting machines etc

All these machines , put together, help in the construction of roads that not only serve as a means of commutation by many but also make an important part of a nation's infrastructure. They withhold the responsibility of providing millions of people with safe commutation paths and ensure their safety with the efficiency of their performance right from the very first straw.

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