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Heavy Road Construction Equipment Specifications

Posted by Admin on February, 07, 2012

Those who are into the construction industry and undertake the projects of road construction know the importance of precision engineered Road Construction Equipment. Road Construction Equipment Manufacturers offer different types of Construction Equipment used in the construction activities. Those who use Road Making Equipment need to know in detail about the specifications of the Construction Equipment.

  • Bulldozer: Bulldozer is the most important equipment used in the construction industry. With the use of Bulldozers, large buildings, which took many years to stand tall, can be demolished in few hours. Road Making Machine Manufacturers offer different models of Bulldozers. Though the weight may vary from model to model, the standard weight is 30,000 pounds. The power of the engine of Bulldozers ranges from 120 HP to 140 HP. Bulldozer is the best option to carry heavy-duty loads from one place to another, which is not possible by human hands.
  • Wheel Loader: For loading the raw materials and by-products at the construction site, Wheel Loader has high demand. Wheel Loader generally has the capacity of 53 KW and the weight of 9,686 pounds.
  • Crawler Loader: Widely used in the construction activities, Wheel Loader is used to flatten the rough and muddy ground at the construction site. Crawler Loader has a bucket attached to it and its weight ranges from 30,000 to 50,000 pounds. The breakout force has a static tip load weighing 24,000 to 30,000 pounds. The engine of the Wheel Crawler has the high power up to 170 HP.
  • Bitumen Sprayer: Bitumen Sprayer is used for tack coating and dressing works in the making of roads. Bitumen Sprayer consists of a tank made of high-quality metal and is properly insulated. Bitumen Sprayer has the standard capacity of 2.5 tons, though it is also available in different capacities for different requirements.
  • Asphalt Boiler: Asphalt Boiler is one of the most important Road Construction Equipment and is used for asphalt jointing, setting and roofing.

Road Construction Machines Manufacturers In India bring forth different types of Road Making Equipment which make the road construction process smooth and fast. There are many models of these machines available in the market, and the buyers first need to know the specifications of these machines before finalizing the one best suiting their requirements.

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