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Different Types Of Construction Equipment

Posted by Admin on February, 07, 2012

A large number of industrial applications just cannot be completed without Construction Equipment. There are different types of Construction Equipment that are designed for the successful completion of diverse construction tasks. And as far as the construction of roads is concerned, there are manifold Road Construction Equipment out there, some of which are: Concrete Batching Plant, Asphalt Mechanical Paver Finisher, Backhoe Loader, Asphalt Boiler, Bitumen Pressure Distributor, Wet Dust Collector, Mechanical Broom, Mineral Filler Unit, Construction Aggregates and more. All these machines are required for the completion of several functions required to construct a road. Besides, they can be purchased in many makes and sizes.

Bulldozer is simply a crawler connected with a blade that is made from a strong metal plate. It is very essential to perform several construction activities such as conveying bulk quantities of sand, soil, industrial dust, etc. from one site to another. Bulldozers are mainly required in mines and quarries, military bases, heavy industry factories and similar other sites. Also known as a tractor with a dozer blade, Bulldozer is a very significant engineering vehicle. It comes in numerous sizes and makes as well.

Compact Excavator
Compact Excavator is also known as mini excavator. It comes in different sizes with a swing boom and backfill blade attached. This type of equipment is essentially required for excavation applications. Compact Excavators are also known as Hydraulic Excavators. Their functioning makes them different from other types of construction equipment. Their structure is further categorized in different distinct assemblies such as house, undercarriage and workgroup. They are considered to be very effective for digging applications.

Rotary Tiller
Rotary Tiller is a motorized cultivator that comes with a rotating blade to function within the soil. It can be self-driven and can also be drawn behind a tractor. It is basically farm equipment and is available in different sizes and makes.

Crane is very substantial equipment for heavy-duty applications. It is extensively used for lifting and mobbing heavy as well as large materials. Cranes come in different types, capacities and sizes. Right from Overhead Cranes to Mobile Cranes and Fixed Cranes, they come in different kinds.

Construction Equipment comes in different types, sizes and capacities for the completion of dissimilar industrial applications. It is essential that the investment must be made into right type of machinery as apart from the completion of a task, several other aspects are associated with them.

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