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Asphalt Plant For Road Construction Industry

Posted by Admin on February, 07, 2012

A road leads you to a particular destination! And the same road can also lead you to the conclusion whether or not a country is heading northwards. In other words, a country’s progress can easily be judged by the conditions of its roads. Therefore, it becomes imperative that the material used in their making should be of optimum quality. And for making a perfect road material, an equally perfect plant is substantially required! Yes, you got it right! Here, you will get to know about a Road Construction Equipment required for making the accurate composite material, indeed. And that is Asphalt Plant.

About Asphalt Plant
Asphalt Plant is required to mix different type of materials to form a unique composite adhesive – Asphalt. This composite material is used in the construction of road. There has to be a standardized blend of different materials and proportionate temperature while the process of mixing is carried out.

According to its design, the plant can be categorized as continuous and discontinuous types which respectively include Asphalt Drum Mix Plant and Asphalt Batch Mix Plant.

How is the Asphalt Batch Mix Plant different from the Asphalt Drum Mix Plant?
In an Asphalt Batch Mix Plant, the heating and drying of mixed materials is carried out in the rotary drum. Thus, heated materials are then weighed and screened in hot containers for standardization. However, in the Asphalt Drum Mix Plant, heating, drying and blending of the materials are continuously carried out in the same drum. Though both these plants are extensively used as Road Construction Equipment, Asphalt Drum Mix Plant is considered to be more productive than its counterpart. Besides, the Asphalt Drum Mix Plant is very easy to install and has a simple operation. Even though both these types of plants have certain differences, they serve the same purpose, i.e. making quality asphalt. These plants come in different sizes and makes.

More About Asphalt Drum Mix Plant:
Asphalt Drum Mix Plant has different components such as Burner, Mineral Filler Unit, Single Deck Scalping Screen, Fuel Service Tank, Load out Conveyor, Slinger Conveyor, Rotary Drum, Multiple Cold Aggregate Feeder Bins, Asphalt Tank, Wet Scrubber and many more.

No matter, whether investment is made in Asphalt Drum Mix Plant or Asphalt Batch Mix Plant, the priority must be given to the fact that they are purchased from the reputed organizations. Finding the reliable Manufacturers Of Asphalt Drum Mix Plant is no more a difficult task, thanks to the Internet. Spare fifteen minutes on any of the web portals and you are sure to get the best Road Construction Equipment.

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